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Unlocking the Potential of Women and Children of Color

We are a Black-led and founded organization dedicated to promoting cultural sensitivity and reshaping societal perceptions of people of color.

Invested in the Community

Our Goal is to Enrich the lives of Women and Children of Color
unique challenges

Breaking the Cycle

At the Poinsette Foundation, we address the unique challenges faced by women and children of color in Orange and Osceola counties within Central Florida. The intersection of race, gender, and age presents specific obstacles that often go unnoticed.

These individuals grapple with systemic issues such as racial discrimination, socio-economic disparities, limited access to quality education and healthcare, and heightened vulnerability to violence and exploitation.

Our organization is committed to driving change, fostering inclusivity, and empowering these communities to break through these barriers, and create a future that values and uplifts every individual.

A Lasting Impact

Community Giving Transformed

Guided by disruptive philanthropy, we address gaps in service, fulfill immediate needs, and lead as a catalyst for change. We don’t make sweeping assumptions about the communities we work with. Our commitment extends beyond crisis moments or Black History Month — we strive to create a lasting impact throughout the year using our three pillars:

We believe in the power of direct and sustainable impact, rather than quick, temporary fixes.
Nonprofit organizations don’t come to us, we go to them. Every month, we initiate opportunities by giving back to a different nonprofit organization or group of people in need.
Investments are made through partnership into other nonprofit organizations serving women and children who need immediate assistance or those offering social experiences, mentoring programs, educational workshops, and career guidance.

Transformative Initiatives

We have made a tangible impact in the lives of thousands of individuals.


We create spaces and opportunities for women of color that may not exist otherwise.


We invest in activities, events, and programs that advance and propel the lives of women and children of color forward.


These activities widen the horizons of children. We’re not just effecting change but driving it, creating a ripple effect of opportunity within the community.

Transformation through Relationships and Partnerships

We go the extra mile to nurture positive relationships with chambers, committees, and other nonprofits who align with our goals. We’re committed to assisting other nonprofits to help them deliver support to the women and children they serve.

Because we’re strongly engaged with the community around us, we adapt to changing circumstances and proactively reach out to new partners to tackle new challenges.

Join Our Mission to Improve the Lives of Women and Children of Color.

Philanthropic Highlights

Helped underwrite the first black history exhibit at the Girl Scouts of Citrus Council’s Women’s History & Cultural Center in 2024

“The Poinsette Foundation Team Space” is in Osceola, Oak Ridge and Ocoee High Schools and collectively supports nearly 1,000 students enrolled in the Junior Achievement 3DE program.

Helped send 40 Carver Middle School eighth-grade students on their first College and Civics Tour to Florida A&M University, Florida State University, and the Florida Capital History Museum.

Donated 25 bikes to children during the Willie Mays Park 2022 Christmas celebration in collaboration with Commissioner Bakari Burns.

Partnered with The Mustard Seed of Central Florida to furnish the entire homes of 10 single mothers.

Purchased a new commercial oven for the Boys and Girls Club of Kissimmee.

Rented a movie theater and provided snacks for 92 minority and underserved students to enjoy Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Supplied 32 turkeys to True Health for their 2022 Community Impact Day.


What Partners Say about Our Organization

“The Poinsette Foundation has been a true blessing to BeyondFour Foundation. As a key partner of our Keep It PlayHER program, the Poinsette Foundation, through the leadership of Mia Poinsette, continues to fill the gap ensuring that we have the resources needed to provide equal and inclusive programming for our female athletes and their families. Without the Poinsette Foundation we would not be able to advance our mission of empowering and impacting the Central Florida community.”
-Asia McMillan

BeyondFour Foundation, Inc.

“The Black Faculty and Staff Association is extremely grateful for the generous contribution of the Poinsette Foundation. Your generosity empowers us to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating a brighter future for underrepresented individuals in academia. We are immensely thankful for your impactful contribution.”
-Darryl D. Gordon, Ph.D.

UCF Black Faculty and Staff Association –President
University of Central Florida

Office of the Vice Provost & Dean
College of Undergraduate Studies (CUGS)

“The Poinsette Foundation is a pioneering nonprofit organization in the Central Florida region. Its support to the community at large is second to none, and for an organization with only two years of service, its effect are felt by many. The Cloud Family Foundation is thrilled to partner with The Poinsette Foundation, and its leadership team!”
-Justin E. Cloud

Executive Director and Founder

"We are so grateful for the Poinsette Foundation for investing in our children and developing young leaders of the next generation! It has been a joy to partner on this transformative work together."
-Kim Wehagen

Director of Development
City Year Orlando

"This school year, the Poinsette Foundation provided funding to fill student workspaces at Osceola, Oak Ridge, and Ocoee High Schools with furniture and office supplies. Students use these spaces as part of our 3DE program to collaborate and create solutions to business challenges while working with local and national business partners. Having a student-friendly and professional space gave pride and confidence to our students and helped them see their classwork as meaningful and connected to the real world of business. Through the Poinsette Foundation, students felt valued, respected, and seen — all of which are so important in student growth and development. Thank you, Poinsette Family!"
-Amy Vanz

Director of Philanthropy
Junior Achievement of Central Florida

“The Poinsette Foundation is what I would consider the “people’s foundation.” Their approach to major issues with a hyper local lens creates a widening effect that reverberates throughout the community. Their involvement in the Central Florida Urban League Young Professionals has led to changes that can be seen in every day, life — big and small. We are so grateful for their belief and support.”
-Jasmyne Reese

Central Florida Urban League Young Professionals

“Thanks to the generosity of the Poinsette Foundation, we were able to positively impact the health and well-being of the community here in Central Florida. We are grateful for community partners like Mia and the Poinsette Foundation, who are passionate about helping others and effortlessly share their time with us.”
-Merika Childers Ammerman

Development Director
American Heart Association

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